The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!

IMG_4430Well it’s probably the Russians or the North Koreans or people in the next street calling themselves the Russian Guardians.

Whoever they are, they took this web server down good and proper. 3 weeks of work putting it all back together so as not to give them the satisfaction of getting a ransom from us.

And you know that the reason why the crime stats are down is because it’s all on the internet and it’s not being reported.

This was reported though. The local plod came round and said ‘What’s a server?’. 10 days later CID came round and said ‘So these discs, are they CDs?’. I don’t think it’ll ever get as far as the cyber-crime unit. They must be truly inundated. We heard of 5 hackings in the UK just like ours on the same day.

And then the following week, 2 sites suffered the Crypto Ware hack. The same day. June 29th. Organisations recruiting for staff open a CV attached to an email – bang – all Excel and Word files on any mapped network drives encrypted!! Ransom will get you the key. ‘OOh I saw that on the telly in that play about lawyers!’. That’s right you did, only the clever lawyer on the telly hacked them back.

So for all our clients that have suffered in any way, we are very sorry and we are trying to make sure it won’t happen again.  And if you think it’s racist to point to the Russians on such flimsy evidence, you’re probably right. – although they did do the Sony hack (it wasn’t North Korea) and Obama’s email and the Russian PM’s twitter account and…..

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