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kaspersky’s strange licence renewal system

friend or foe?As Kaspersky AntiVirus counts down to the day it expires with daily warnings, it’s natural for many of their customers to think… let’s buy next year’s licence now and stop these pesky reminders. Recent experience leaves me to advise… wait till the VERY LAST MINUTE!

For charities that qualify for half price copies of Kaspersky’s Open Space products, renewing your licences before you absolutely have to means that your new licences start from the date of your order and NOT from the date when your old licence runs out.

When I asked my Kaspersky reseller, Pugh Software, about this they said that they had taken this up with Kaspersky who have said they will not change their system. So take the advice of Barry Lewis at Pugh and don’t make your order for next year’s licence until the very day it runs out.

And fie on the laziness of this large corporation that they cannot keep these details of your subscription themselves. One of my customers that orders over 50 licences lost 1 month’s cover to this sharp practice.